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Dean Hunt

SVP Business Development, Global Markets

Dean Hunt is a seasoned professional with a diverse and impressive background. With over two decades of experience in business development, technology, and digital marketing. His expertise has been recognized on platforms such as CNBC.
Dean’s journey began in the United Kingdom, but his career has taken him across the globe, with significant time spent working in both the United States and Europe. One of his notable roles was leading the sales and marketing department for Webjet, North America, further solidifying his reputation in the industry.
Dean has dedicated over a decade to the travel sector, bringing a unique perspective and innovative strategies to the table.
Outside of his professional life, Dean is a passionate Manchester United fan, although he often jokes that this is more of a trial than a pleasure. He also has a penchant for cheesy puns, much to the amusement (and occasional suffering) of those around him.

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