Introducing Clicktripz Control Tower
Travel websites can now utilize a broad array of contextually driven media units, including leave behind windows, overlays and parallax units, all within moments of signing up through a self-service portal.

Media Units


An on-page modal that recaptures users who are no longer engaging with or about to navigate away from your site.

Tab Under

A non-intrusive full-page ad that engages your visitors after they have finished consuming page content. The ad unit displays after the visitor closes your site.


An immersive display format that leverages a layered, parallax animation effect to capture attention in a non-intrusive way. As the viewer scrolls through page content, the ad is fully revealed.


An ad creative appears when the user transitions from your site using the browser back button.

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Client Testimonials

“As a test and learn organization, we are continuously testing products and solutions from various travel technology vendors. After thoroughly testing a Clicktripz competitor, we selected Clicktripz as our partner due to the superior performance we saw, and continue to see, with Clicktripz in LATAM markets.”
“When I first spoke with Clicktripz I had a healthy amount of skepticism, but I can now say that partnering with them is one of the single most important, profitable and impactful decisions we have ever had on the business. Their level of support and professionalism has been head and shoulders above the rest, and I cannot recommend them high enough.”
“After one year of our partnership, we're very happy about the performance of your Exit Unit and looking forward to continue with these successful media campaigns!”
“As a data centric business, we constantly assess and test new solutions from travel technology vendors. We can say that Clicktripz really is one of a kind and we have been delighted over the past 3 years by the performance of their data and monetization solutions, the robustness of their technology and white glove approach to account management.”
“Priceline has worked with the Clicktripz Team since their launch. The ClickTripz Team has a deep knowledge of the travel industry. They focus on meeting the marketing objectives of their partners, and continue to build out and enhance their products.”
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